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Multiply your ministry’s impact with simple and cost-effective personalization.

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Engage With Your Users.

Roughly 60% of visitors spend less than 10 seconds

People don’t naturally explore a website. They squat in areas they know and like.
 Help people take the relevant next step in their user journey.

Discover New Donors.

35% of Amazon.com’s revenue is generated by their personalization engine.

Meet potential donors using personal context. Don’t scare away those who are just getting to know you. Discover what level of engagement triggers a first donation.

Deepen Relationships.

Score the engagement of your users using a rich set of data points. Set up triggers based on segmentation and personalize in real-time.

Email Acquisition. You can prompt users with relevant email subscriptions if they aren’t already subscribed.

Repeat Donors. One size does not fit all so use previous actions to provide a unique donor experience.

Monthly Partners. Recognize your advocates and move periodic donors to monthly donors.

How it Works

SimplePath works with all websites.
Simply place a few lines of JavaScript on your website to get started.

Every User Is On A Unique Journey.

When it comes to your website audience, it’s important to distinguish between new visitors, repeat users, subscribers, and donors.

Learn About Your Users.

Remember every user, and understand what they care about using a rich set of data points.

Provide Real-Time Personalization.

Use the engagement score and set up triggers to prompt the relevant next step for users.

Our Beta Partners

Our Beta Partners
Our Beta Partners
Our Beta Partners
Our Beta Partners

"SimplePath was the 'secret ingredient' that allowed us to double our gross revenue in our most recent Thanksgiving Day Sale"

Bryan VanHaitsma, Revive Our Hearts

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