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    Providing AWS Certified expertise
    to help maintain and modernize your legacy software.

About Simplepath

Specializing in the maintenance and remodeling of legacy software applications.


Simplepath means AWS Certified. That means modifying applications the right way the first time. Moving your legacy software to the cloud? Let's make it a snap.


We have the experience in getting things done remotely, seamlessly integrating into your organization's communication and work structure. We log in and take the boring, legacy stuff off of your hands.


Whether you need a complete managed Agile team, or a single expert to plug into an existing team - we have you covered. No tasks are too "mundane" for our team members.

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Our Areas of Expertise

What we do very best.

Software Maintenance

We keep the existing software that helps run your business running smoothly, and our teams are happy to fit into your current processes and workflows.

Cloud Migrations

Simplepath specializes in taking your existing software into the cloud from wherever it is. See massive jumps in stability, scalability, and security - our AWS Certified developers and architects have it all covered.

MVP Development

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Proof of Concept (PoC) development has won our clients awards, funding, national press - and most of all, customers. We can quickly turn your ideas into the necessary features you need to test and validate.

Big Data & Machine Learning

We have the AWS Certified Machine Learning specialists that know the ins and outs of Data Engineering, Exploratory Analysis, Modeling and Machine Learning Operations. Leverage AWS services, open-source solutions, and our know-how for whatever your use case.

Hybrid Mobile Development

Need enterprise-grade hybrid mobile development using frameworks such as Ionic and React Native? We have multiple successful projects for Fortune 500 companies under our belt.

Software Remodeling

We make improvements to software stacks that some developers would rather quit than touch. We're pretty good at assessing codebases, and providing actionable steps to improve existing software and measuring success.

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4 North Winooski Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401

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Monday - Friday: 8am to 6pm
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